Canacona Unleashed

Canacona is located in Southern part of Goa. As a result of a treaty in 1791, the Raja of Sund ceded it to the Portuguese. Canacona and the surrounding areas have retained a distinctly Hindu feel.

The region has some of Goa’s most outstanding natural beauty and scenery. The Sahyadri hills form a backdrop to a string of pearl white coves and sweeping beaches in Canacona, making it look more beautiful.

Major Attractions of Canacona Goa:

Patnem Beach (10 mins. from Turiya)

Patnem Beach, is the quieter of the two more popular south Goa beaches, both virtually right next door to each other. Smaller and less busy than Palolem beach, it still has a lively atmosphere and is very much favored by families travelling in Goa.

The lovely curved bay makes for glorious bathing and although not quite as calm and protected as Palolem beach, it also doesn’t get the swell that Agonda beach, to the north, can have. Some water sports are also available here, although the short journey to Palolem beach will provide more options.

Palolem Beach (12 mins. from Turiya)

Situated in the southern part of Goa, the Palolem beach has been voted as one of the most scenic beaches in the world by Conde Nest magazine. It is nearest if you are driving from the state of Karnataka, which flanks Goa from the south. The beach is just 3 kilometers from the Konkan railway station and you can reach there from just about anywhere in Goa. Palolem beach is main attraction of this region.

Agonda Beach (20 mins. from Turiya)

If you are in search for some peaceful moments, head towards the Agonda Beach. Situated 10 kms north of Chaudi, the headquarters of Canacona Taluka, Agonda has just a handful of accommodation facilities. Far from the crowded cities, Agonda is perfect place for the solitude seeker. The beach stretches 3 kms and fortunately is not covered by grass sheds.

Galgibag Beach (20 mins. from Turiya)

Galgibag beach, in the far south of Goa is a dream come true for anyone searching for solitude, seclusion and an absolutely stunning beach! The long sweep of golden sand is often completely empty, apart from the occasional fisherman or children from the local village chasing crabs.


Airport – Dabolim, Goa – 60kms from Turiya ( 1 hour 15 mins by taxi)

Turiya is centrally located in village of Canacona from where all the famous beaches are in proximity of 1 km to 6 kms
Rickshaw (Tuk Tuk) – 2 mins walk from Turiya

The rickshaw stand is right outside Turiya (5 min walk). Alternatively, We can have rickshaw come right up to our doorstep.

Scooty / Bike Rent (Guest should carry their license to avail this service)

Guests can hire local scooties (non-gear, two-wheeler) at an extra cost of Rs. 250 per day. Please note prices are subject to seasonal variations.

Bus service  – 5 mins walk from Turiya

Local bus stand is a 5-min walk from Turiya. We would highly recommend this service for long distance budget travels within Goa.

Canacona Railway Station – 15mins walk from Turiya

At a distance of 0.5 Km from turiya, one can find the Canacona Railway Station. You can check availability and book online at

Taxi Service

We organize airport pick-up/drop, day trips etc. with local taxi services. Check rates with the Manager at Turiya.

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